Want to make a real difference to every person you work with in a measurable way? Want to help teams to perform at their best by helping them make the most of every member, by resolving conflicts with minimum effort? Motivational Maps will enable you to provide individuals and teams with a language and a measure for something that has been more than a little woolly until now - motivation.

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Motivation and not personality

Actionable insights

For many of us working to help others develop, personality tools and psychometrics have been hugely important. Development starts with self awareness, so these tools continue to be valuable. But do they go far enough? At the end of the day, you don't change your personality, you learn to work with what is and what exists around you.


Motivation has until now, been something we all know is important and yet have struggled to measure in any tangible way. But now Motivational Maps has made it tangible.  The maps measure energy, what gives you energy and what takes it away and therefore enables you to make decisions that will improve the performance of those you work with, not to mention enhance their sense of wellbeing and engagement.  

So, what if you could help people:

  • Always make good career decisions

  • Come to work with a spring in their step

  • Influence more effectively

  • Resolve conflicts in a team

  • Create engaged and high performing teams across the organisation

Become a Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner

Help your clients get the most out of life and work

Whether you are a new or experienced coach or maybe work as a coach HR practitioner or Learning and Development professional inside an organisation, Motivational Maps will open up a whole new set of opportunities for you and the people you work with. As a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps you will be able to:

  • Help people make the career choices that will keep them engaged and motivated

  • Unlock potential by enabling your clients to find energising ways to achieve their goals

  • Help resolve conflicts

  • Help teams find ways of engaging themselves and those that they work with.


And so much more!

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Discover Your Motivation

Self discovery journey with your map and online guide

Find out what you need to have in your life to feel full of energy, motivated and in flow. want to find out what you need in your next career move? Want to know why you are finding it difficult to get on with something? Want to make sure that this year you achieve the goals you set yourself? Take 10 minutes to complete a Motivational Map questionnaire and then work through the short report with an online guide to help you. Work through it and you will have an action plan to get you into flow. Go straight here to purchase your map now.

Discover Your Motivation with Me

Map and individual coaching session to plan your next steps

Find out what you need to have in your life to feel full of energy, motivated and in flow. want to find out what you need in your next career move? Want to know why you are finding it difficult to get on with something? Want to make sure that this year you achieve the goals you set yourself? And want to have me help you not only understand what you need and what is stopping you now, but also work with you to design an action plan quickly. Then click here to purchase your Motivational Map and 45 minute feedback and coaching session and I will be in touch to schedule a time for us to speak and get you on your way to a fun filled year.

Team Motivation

Improve the motivation and engagement of your team by enabling them to take action

Do you lead a team? If so you know that when all members of your team are firing on all cylinders, everything seems to be easy, fun and fulfilling. And yet when even one person is struggling, the whole team performance goes down. Work with me to map the motivation of each member of your team and see how they can help each other stay energised, fulfilled and on top of their game. Highlight and resolve any conflicts that exist, and make sure that your team have the tools they need to keep their performance at the highest levels all year. For more details see here and then get in touch to plan our next steps.

Your Organisation's Motivation

Map how your people's motivators appear against your values, mission and vision

Despite a lot of great work by organisations and their leaders, it seems that the needle on engagement isn't moving, with 80% or employees still saying that they are not engaged (Gallup). There is definitely something missing and in my experience the difference that will make the difference is when you give back some of the responsibility for engagement back to the individuals in your organisation. As an organisation and as a leader, you have the responsibility to provide certain things, AND each individual has the responsibility for their own engagement too. Give them the tools to do this and I am convinced that overall levels of engagement will rise. Ensure that your organisation's motivators align with your vision, mission and values and you can't go wrong. Contact me to start a conversation and let's get you and your people right where you want to be.

Talent Management with Motivation

Enhance your recruitment, retention and outplacement results through motivation

How great would it be if you could not only recruit people with the right skill set but also with the right energy and motivation to thrive in your organisation? What if you could make sure that the person leading them or managing them knew exactly how to keep them engaged from day one? And what if you could even give those tools to the team that they were going into as well as give that person you have recruited the tools they need to understand their new team, leader and organisation in a way that enables them to contribute from day one? Motivational Maps will inform your interviews and will let you go so much further in ensuring that you give the best start to those people you bring into your organisation. And when it comes to outplacement, it will enable you to give those people the information they need to start their next journey in the best way for them. To start a conversation on how you can use Motivational Maps, click below so that we can speak.

Sonia Gavira

Passionate about helping you reach your potential

I have always believed that people are capable of anything they really want and set their mind to - they just need to know what that truly is and how best they can achieve it. And the roadmap for each individual is very different, which is why I have studied and practiced with lots of different tools that enable the people I work with to become more self aware, which then leads them to be more confident in their decisions and clearer about their choices.
Having worked around the globe in leadership development and engagement projects, it always baffled me that despite great work that leaders and organisations do to increase their people's engagement, all the figures coming from organisations like Gallup, suggest that the needle on engagement is not moving.
So what could be missing? This is when I came across Motivational Maps. These maps provide a window on motivation for you, your team and your organisation. They tell you where you get your energy from and what will suck the energy right out of you. And it encourages and enables you to take action. To find out more about how the Maps can help you, keep reading or better still get in touch and let's talk about it.

"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion"


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