Become a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps and get your coaching and team interventions off to a flying start

How long does it typically take your clients to really understand what it is that drives them and what they need to do to make sure that they have enough of whatever it is, in their working and personal lives? And even if they do know, how many of them have the language that allows them to speak about it freely? And how easy is it for you to measure how much of it they have and whether it is something that they need to work urgently on?

Most of us coaches work with our clients on their values both at an individual and at a team level, but the work can take longer than the client is really ready to give it and in this VUCA world, there are 2 things we can be certain of:


1. Change is here

2. It's coming quicker than ever

Every coach and L&D professional should have Motivational Maps in their tool kit.

They enable you and those you work with to:

  • Identify what drives you

  • Measure how much of those individual drivers (there are 9) you have right now

  • Measure how much energy you have

  • Identify what may demotivate you and those in the team

  • Work out how to get more energy or keep the energy and drive you have

  • Enable individuals and teams to work out how to get and stay engaged

  • Enable managers to create the conditions where motivation and therefore engagement thrives

  • Enable managers to adjust their communication so that their messages are accepted by each member of their team.

  • Enable managers to ensure that their team members have the energy they need to perform at their best

  • Onboard new team members effectively

And so much more...

In order to use Motivational Maps, you need to be a Licensed Practitioner and our accreditations have been designed to:

  1. Ensure our Practitioners are confident in interpreting the results from the maps for both individuals and teams

  2. Explore the benefits of using the maps in your individual practice or business

  3. Integrate the maps into your business

The DYMT accreditation process

There are three distinct parts to the Licensed Practitioner Accreditation


  • Complete a Motivational Map

  • Receive feedback

  • View videos and complete an online course

  • Download materials

    Post training and ongoing support

  • Confirmation of learning - feedback 2 maps to Sonia

  • Back office support

  • Additional support with first teams

  • Facebook, Slack and course portal for ongoing community support

  • Email and phone help

  • Newsletters

  • Map Conference *


  • 2 x days over Zoom

  • Explore motivation and Maps origins and theory

  • Learn how to read & interpret a map

  • Case studies, analysis, practice 

  • Introduction to Team Maps

  • Navigating the Back Office Admin Portal

Licensed Practitioners will also receive:

  • Provision of an online Back Office Administration Console to administrate and issue Motivational Maps passwords, create Team Maps and assign e-learning.

  • A PDF copy of the Motivational Maps Practitioner Manual with details on each motivator, how to analyse each aspect of the Motivational Maps, the background to Motivational Maps and a user guide for the Back Office Administration Console.  

  • Access to the Motivational Maps resource library, containing videos, articles, case-studies and downloadable training resources.

  • Training and set-up support for the Administration Console, including adding a logo, creating a map and creating a team map.

  • Ongoing support for use of the Administration Console and with Map queries

  • Access to our community of Motivational Map Practitioners, which currently includes a newsletter, facebook group, Slack group and an annual Conference. The 2020 Motivational Maps Conference is organised and facilitated by Aspirin Business, at a ‘not-for-profit’ cost.  Date is set for 12th October 2020 near Winchester.

  • FREE online training on Team Motivational Maps for our Practitioners and a white-labelled slide deck suitable for use with workshops and talks. Free when you purchase your first 10 Motivational map credits.

  • Discounts on Motivational Map books, where available of 20-30%.

  • Coming soon - Motivational Map card sets for use in team interventions. 

The investment in becoming a Licensed Practitioner with DYMT is currently £1298 + vat as part of an Open Programme and includes 9 Motivational Map credits which do not expire or you can use straight away. If you are an independent practitioner or Charity, please contact us for generous discounts on all our courses. Licensed Practitioner Accreditation Programmes run regularly over Zoom, so there is no travel or overnight accommodation required. Check out our Shop for details of the next programmes.

One-to-one and in-house accreditation options are also available and may incur additional costs depending on your requirement. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Once you are a Licensed Practitioner you will continue to purchase your credits through us as either a pay as you go customer or on a contract. Prices will be adjusted depending on the volume of maps that you purchase.

To attend one of our courses this year click on the button below and choose a programme - numbers are limited to 12 maximum per programme. 

We have also introduced two more programmes in 2020:

Team Workshop

Coaching Skills workshop

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