Full bundle offer: Licensed Practitioner plus team workshop and coaching skills

Full bundle offer: Licensed Practitioner plus team workshop and coaching skills

Become a Licensed Practitioner in Motivational Maps and ensure you have all the skills to work with individuals and teams at the highest level.

Perfect for HR and L&D professionals with no coaching qualifications who want to be able to impact their clients and their teams at the highest level. You will end the course with the confidence and know how you need to create true transformations. Take advantage of an amazing discount by purchasing all three programmes together.

What you will get:

Become a Licensed Practitioner in Motivational Maps and join an ever growing community of like minded professionals

Learn how to help your clients:

  • Do more of what drives them and gives them energy
  • Set better goals
  • Make decisions that they can sustain and that will sustain them
  • Make the right career choices
  • Take steps to improve their wellbeing and resilience
  • Lead their teams in a way that engages and motivates every team member

And so much more....


Work with teams and the maps:


Learn how to use the Motivational Maps with teams in a way that will get everyone engaged and driven not only towards their own Motivation but also towards nurturing and increasing the motivation of others and therefore the team as a whole.


The course will enable you to:


  • Build your own team workshop
  • Engage participants in discovering their motivators whilst having fun with it
  • Use different exercises to help both individuals and teams discover their motivators
  • Work out how to use this as part of programmes that you may be running or wanting to run - leadership, engagement, team development, etc


The course includes:

  • A set of slides (powerpoint, keynote and pdf format) which you can adapt
  • A team workshop pack - pack of postcards with images and instructions for card games, pack of cards for team games, posters for the room, instructions for how to lay out a room and more!


Learn how to use critical coaching skills in order to enable those you work with on their Motivational Maps, create meaningful plans in order to raise their motivation and achieve their goals.


  • What is coaching
  • From directive to non directive coaching and when to use which skill
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • Use of language to get your coachee talking
  • Self management
  • A coaching model and frameworks you can use


All the courses are delivered by Zoom so that you can take part from the comfort of your home or office. The investment is £2498 + VAT for all three courses . If you are purchasing as an individual working for yourself, sole trader or part of a charitable organisation, please contact sonia@discoveryourmotivationtoday.com for a special discount code

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    For full details of all dates please see the individual programs and email sonia@discoveryourmotivationtoday.com to let us know which dates you would like to attend. We will do our very best to accomodate you but cannot guarantee availability on the dates you choose.





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