Licensed Practitioner in Motivational Maps and Coaching Skills

Licensed Practitioner in Motivational Maps and Coaching Skills

A course for HR and L&D practitioners with little or no coaching skills

Become a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps and learn how to help your clients:

  • Do more of what drives them and gives them energy
  • Set better goals
  • Make decisions that they can sustain and that will sustain them
  • Make the right career choices
  • Take steps to improve their wellbeing and resilience
  • Lead their teams in a way that engages and motivates every team member

And so much more....


By adding the Coaching Skills workshop you will also learn how to use critical coaching skills in order to enable those you work with on their Motivational Maps, create meaningful plans in order to raise their motivation and achieve their goals.


What is coaching

From directive to non directive coaching and when to use which skill

Listening skills

Questioning skills

Use of language to get your coachee talking

Self management

A coaching model and frameworks you can use


The course includes:


  • 9 maps plus one for you
  • An online training element before the workshop
  • Confirmation of learning with Sonia where you will debrief two maps with her before working with your client


  • Ongoing support from Sonia and the team as well as from a community of Licensed Practitioners
  • A set of cards to use with your clients to enable self discovery of the motivators and to explore what the motivators mean for them


* The investment is £1998 + VAT . If you are purchasing as an individual working for yourself, sole trader or part of a charitable organisation, please contact for a special discount code





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