Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps and Team Workshop

Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps and Team Workshop

A course for coaches, HR and L&D practitioners

Become a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps and learn how to help your clients:

  • Do more of what drives them and gives them energy
  • Set better goals
  • Make decisions that they can sustain and that will sustain them
  • Make the right career choices
  • Take steps to improve their wellbeing and resilience
  • Lead their teams in a way that engages and motivates every team member

And so much more....


By adding the Team workshop you will also learn how to use the Motivational Maps with teams in a way that will get everyone engaged and driven not only towards their own Motivation but also towards nurturing and increasing the motivation of others and therefore the team as a whole.


The course will also enable you to:


  • Build your own team workshop
  • Engage participants in discovering their motivators whilst having fun with it
  • Use different exercises to help both individuals and teams discover their motivators
  • Work out how to use this as part of programmes that you may be running or wanting to run - leadership, engagement, team development, etc


The course includes:


  • 9 maps plus one for you
  • An online training element before the workshop
  • Confirmation of learning with Sonia where you will debrief two maps with her before working with your client
  • A set of slides (powerpoint, keynote and pdf format) which you can adapt
  • A team workshop pack - pack of postcards with images and instructions for card games, pack of cards for team games, posters for the room, instructions for how to lay out a room and more!
  • Ongoing support from Sonia and the team as well as from a community of Licensed Practitioners


* The investment is £1998 + VAT . If you are purchasing as an individual working for yourself, sole trader or part of a charitable organisation, please contact for a special discount code





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