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Are you focussed on the future, present or the past?

Why does this matter? I hear you ask

Well, imagine you are a leader in an organisation or you have been given the responsibility to lead in some project at home, school or club you belong to. How would you do it and what might you need help with?

If you are a person that is focussed on the future, who is inspired and motivated by what could be, by making a difference or creating something new, you will be keen to see that future result and talk to your team about what it will look like. You will want to inspire them with thoughts around the end result, and you may even want to inspire them to make changes so that it is even better. You will want to find new solutions to problems you encounter and you will love being flexible and adapting to changing needs... But will you be as keen to get the plan planned? Will you be as inspired by the details that need to be seen to? Will you be willing to listen to the person in your team who has been in a similar situation and already has a solution that worked once?

If you are focussed on the here and now, you will love getting the plan done and executed. You may enjoy being in charge and getting others organised to do things. You may also enjoy learning the skills to get things done and then passing those skills on and you may love seeing the project come in on time and on budget. But what if something needs to change in order for you to get the result that is needed? Will you find that easy to do? How much will you enjoy listening to the concerns of others and making sure they can also see how important it is to get these things done?

If you are someone that is more focussed on the past, you will probably love feeling part of the team that is going to get this done and love working with them. You will probably be the one that makes the rest of the team feel secure and safe and you might even love it when the work is done and you and the team get a good pat on the back. Will you enjoy it as much if you have to talk to someone who isn't pulling their weight? Will you relish the thought of keeping everyone going when the goalposts keep moving?

Where our focus is can define what we are most comfortable with and how we approach a project or in this case a leadership role of some description.

Once you are aware of what drives you and those around you, you will be able to make decisions about how you go about a project in a way that will keep you and the team motivated to achieve it. And importantly, it will also give you an understanding of the possible pitfalls and what you need to do and who you need to help you, in order to avoid them or overcome them.

The 9 motivators in Motivational Maps, are grouped into 3 clusters: Growth, Achievement and Relationships. Growth motivators are focussed on the future, Achievement motivators on the present and Relationship motivators on the past. A short 10 minute questionnaire, will help you determine where your focus and your energy lies.

To learn how to become more successful yourself and enable those you work with to do so also, get in touch today. It's also a way to do it with fun, passion and ease!




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