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Why if you are a coach you should learn to use Motivational Maps

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I love working as a coach. I have always believed it to be a real privilege to have people trust me enough to share their insecurities, dreams, passions, successes and failures with me. And even more of a privilege to allow me to challenge them, to ask the uncomfortable questions, those that elicit an "I don't know" at times, fear at others, but always with the intent of moving them forwards. They trust that my intention is to help them in whatever way they need.

I also love it because it means that to do the best job I can, I have to continue to learn. I have a duty to do so for my clients, so isn't it great that I get to do another thing that I love!

One question I have had for a while in both my work as a coach and on engagement and leadership programmes, is what is the difference that makes the difference? What makes some people successful, able to take action consistently and learn as they go, and others not? It isn't just one thing, but motivation is a key driver of success.

Motivation is the fuel in the tank, the energy that you draw on to take action every day, to do things and yet if you "google" it you find lots of "motivational videos", lots of what I call "ra ra! motivation".

What if you were able to identify really quickly and easily what motivates someone? Where they get the energy to take action? How to get into a stay in the zone? What has to exist for them to know that they are making the right decision about a new job, a new place to live, a course to study, any new opportunity?

With Motivational Maps, you can do just that. The maps finally make motivation tangible and measurable, therefore actionable.

It is a simple, accessible tool with a questionnaire that takes around 10 minutes to complete online, a report that can be sent to your client automatically and straight away that they will find easy to understand and which will surprise you in a number of ways:

  • How positive the reaction will be from your client - they will recognise themselves and make connections to what is happening for them right now. One of my clients told me how much more useful this had been for her than the intake session questionnaire that she had been given in the past.

  • How quickly you will get to conversations that may have taken weeks if not months to get to.

  • The connections you will be able to make for your client in areas like communication, team leadership, engagement and so much more.

  • The resources your client will have that will enable them to take action consistently and if they find themselves not doing so, they will know why and how to change it.

The best way to really see this for yourself is to try one out yourself, so click here so that I can send you a map to try out and then we can book some time to go through your results.

The next Licensed Practitioner training is in May (22nd and 23rd) online via Zoom.




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