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How to use motivation to increase performance and get more done

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Motivation is an often used term in business and in sport, in fact whenever a lack of energy and drive and get up and go exist, motivation comes into question - how do I get more? how do I motivate them? why do I not have it?

And they are all valid questions - the problem comes when looking for a solution. Motivation is often seen as something in the "ether" something that isn't tangible until you feel it or a lack of it. But it is essential as it really is one of the key drivers of performance.

You can have really clear goals, an outstanding vision and even a plan to get there; you can have all the skills you need (and if you are like me, a few that you don't even really need but it was fun getting them!); but if you don't have the energy, drive, passion, motivation to get it done, you will achieve nothing.

But it's not enough to know what motivates you; you also need to learn how to use those motivators to reframe situations, goals, scenarios, to help you get into action.

In Motivational Maps, a tool that measures motivation, we look at 9 key drivers in three clusters as you can see below:

We mostly have 3 motivators on our radar and one at the bottom that can in some instances be a demotivator too - and too often ignored.

Let me give you an example of how you can use these motivators to get into action.

My top three motivators in order are:

  1. Searcher : making a difference, having a purpose

  2. Friend : Belonging, community

  3. Spirit : Independence and freedom

My bottom motivator was Star, or external recognition

Following a few years leading an amazing team of coaches, consultants and trainers on a pan European engagement initiative for Ford Motor Company, I found myself looking for my next engagement and figuring out what I wanted to do next. The project had hit all my hot buttons:

  • We were making a huge difference to the people we were working with at Ford and I was able to give work to a fabulous group of people and offer them learning opportunities too.

  • As you can read in that last statement, community was large and I belonged.

  • The nature of the work meant that I was free to organise my time, travel and time at home.

  • It was never about me - I was happy promoting the team and individuals within it.

So now, how did I move forwards? I was really focussed on making a difference still, having and being part of a community and maintaining my independence, but something had changed. I wasn't getting traction.

In comes the Star. Without a team to promote and talk about, there was only me I could promote, me I could speak about and search recognition for - and that was just not on my radar at all!

So, I had to do some work to reframe:

"Talking about my successes and failures, talking about what I love doing, putting myself out there as an expert is going to enable me to make a difference, create a community around that expertise and retain my independence and freedom"

From there, beliefs around self promotion, my value and worth, have been challenged and addressed in a way that helps me move forward, and I have done that with the help of my coach.

To find out how you can use each of the motivators to get yourself and others into action, download the free guide to the motivators - From motivation to action.




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